Week 1 review: Falcons and Jags sucked

I watched the Falcons vs. the Eagles, and the Jags vs. the Texans. Some thoughts…

  1. After the first 2 drives, the Falcons offense just died. Not sure what happened there.

  2. Cordarelle Patterson looked like an intriguing prospect for the Falcons. He won’t dominate, but he could be a decent flex option.

  3. I am still not sold on Jalen Hurts. The Falcons defense looked pathetic, even worse than last year. Also, Hurts didn’t look like a superior QB against a really bad defense. He looked like an average QB against a bad defense. He is a good runner though, although not Lamar Jackson good.

  4. Trevor Lawrence looked out of sync with his receivers. There were some dropped passes, but there were also plays where it looked like either the receiver ran the wrong route, or Lawrence threw the ball to the wrong place.

  5. The Jags running game was never a factor, because Houston got up early and then pounded the ball the rest of the way. Don’t expect great rushing stats from Houston, because it is clearly an RBBC. Ingram may have gotten the big numbers, but he wasn’t impressive. To be honest, the Jags defense was awful, and that was the story of the game. They made Houston look good, which is a scary thought going into future games. Start anyone playing against the Jags.

Speaking of suck… I can’t remember when I last saw such a terrible Packers performance. Neither the offense nor the defense could get anything done. It was the old train wreck dilemma: I didn’t want to watch it anymore, but I just couldn’t stop looking.

Jags seem to be in for consecutive first overall picks. Getting steamrolled by what would easily qualify as one of the weakest rosters in decades - wow. I mean, it’s not that I expected the new Jags to be a playoff contender, but still… wow.

Falcons didn’t surprise me. I have them down for a disappointing season.

The NFC West will be brutal. Based on yesterday’s performance, each of the 4 teams would easily dominate the East or North division.

Cardinals were the most impressive of the 4 teams, as they totally dominated a pretty strong opponent.

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