Thoughts on drafting a T.E. in the 3rd

Thoughts on drafting a T.E. in the 3rd round.

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Similar to my thoughts on drafting a Kicker in the 5th.

Never would i waste a 5th pick on a kicker. Thats boulder dash. In my opinion the 5th pick is more reserved for rb2 wr2…You can still find top available rb and wr in that round.

That should be your opinion on wasting a 3rd pick on a TE as well.

It depends on the league scoring and setup. If it’s a TE premium league, then taking a TE in the 3rd, or even earlier, makes sense. But that is only for elite TE’s, not the Cole Kmets of the NFL, unless the premium on TE’s is extreme…

Assuming it’s a dynasty setup league, I could see using a 3rd rounder on a young stud TE like Kyle Pitts. For him, if it was a rookie draft last year, I saw him typically go in the first 5 picks! Although there aren’t any rookie studs like him this year.

Assuming normal scoring setup, such as just a PPR with one starting TE, I can see using a 3rd or 4th rounder on a guy like Pitts.

Looking at ADP, here are the early TE’s by selection spot (with round selected based on a 12 team league):

  1. Travis Kelce (2nd round)
  2. Mark Andrews (3rd round)
  3. Kyle Pitts (3rd round)
  4. George Kittle (4th round)
  5. Darren Waller (4th round)

There are decent TE’s going later, but they come with question marks, so you will probably need to get two of them and play matchups. Even if you get guys like Kittle or Waller, there’s an injury history there, so you will need a solid backup ready.

Should you draft a TE in the 3rd? Only if you are getting a top 3 guy. If you lose out on those guys, you may as well wait until much later in the draft and grab a scrub TE. Better to concentrate on your main positions in that scenario.

Thats what I’m saying all five of my teams have ethier kittle or kelce on them . Wanted andrews on atleast one of them. But he was long gone before i was ready to draft a tight end.

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Pitts is arguably the best prospect of the top 5, mainly because he is younger with more upside. But if Kelce drops to the 3rd round, go for it!

Andrews is one that worries me. The Ravens drafted TE Isaiah Likely, who has been tearing up training camp and the preseason (he does NOT drop passes!). There is talk the Ravens need to find ways to get him on the field as much as possible, maybe even going to 2-3 TE sets, which works well for their run-oriented offense. It’s possible we might see Likely steal some of Andrews targets. The Ravens are intriguing, with two potentially elite TE’s on a run-oriented team. I love that talent dynamic!

Baltimore has no wr . They are going to have to relie heavily on Andrews. So with that bit of info out there. Everyone is globbing up andrews early. Pitts went in the 2nd as well. I carry 2qb 3rb 5wr 2te 2def 2kickers. I dont play superflex or dynasty. Just h2h ppr.

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This is ridiculous, unless your league is at least 14 teams.

That’s four prospects you could have on your bench when they explode.

Rashad Bateman isn’t bad, but no WR on Baltimore is going to sniff Cooper Kupp ever. But you have to be careful that Likely doesn’t steal targets from Andrews.

Its a ten man. I like having a very deep bench. Options. Playing the match ups . Ready for bye weeks. Strength in schedule e.t.c

I have Lamar on one of my teams. Wanted atleast a little stock in Baltimore.

There are players from Baltimore I want on my dynasty bench: Tyler Huntley, who may be the best backup QB in the NFL, and Isaiah Likely, who may be a TE1 in the next few years,.

Agreed … i have never tryed a dynasty league. Just been kicking around ppr leagues for years. Are dynasty league’s any more difficult than ppr league’s ?

In a ten-man league, the entire waiver wire is your bench. You will find the best matchup options and bye week fillers on the waiver wire PRETTY MUCH every single week, over the other one on your roster. Instead, maybe you have room for Dontrell Hilliard, whom Ed believes should be rostered in 100% of leagues, because there is no way in forking hell that Derrick Henry makes it through the season.

Yeah, ok, even Ed doesn’t have that kind of conviction in his comments, but you get my drift. Your second Kicker isn’t going to blow up. Romeo Doubs might.

I dont find the waiver wire a full proof back up plan in my opinion. In my experience constantly adding and dropping guys. Makes for a messy roster eventually.

I guess it depends on how skillfully you manage your roster–or don’t–which is kind of the point I was making in the first place.

And thats why i draft a very skilled bench. In the first place. The waiver wire is a serious rabbit hole. In my opinion. Agree to disagree.

IF YOU START ONE QB: Wait until there’s a real good value at quarterback and go for it, even if it’s in Round 5 . Don’t hesitate to take a second quarterback if it’s an appropriately-ranked second- or third-year player and you have seven or more bench spots.

No, I don’t agree to disagree. If you would rather have a 2nd K or D than a RB or WR who could win your league for you, then you’re just wrong. That’s not my opinion. That’s demonstrable fact. We can agree to disagree on our favorite colors, but not on whether the Earth is flat.