This help could get me in the playoffs in this league. PLEASE Help If you could

Hey everyone,
As I said, this decision is important not only because it will get me in the playoff however, everything at this point is going against me only because my opponent is the top guy sitting with only one loss. Keep in mind this loss was only due to half his starters being on bye. Ha ha. Again, I have almost everything going against me, and I’m hoping the help I get can give me a fighting chance.

Okay. Here we go. It is a 10-team league, full PPR.
I am struggling with 3 players maybe 4. Due to their match-ups and the player’s situation with the team they are on.

My starters- ( Please feel free to let me know if you would start a player over the other if you like the matchups more or feel the choice is overall better. )

QB- C… Stroud against Denver. I have K. Murry on the Bench.
RB- R. Stevenson against the Chargers. I have J. Gibbs and D. Achane on the Bench
RB- Z. Moss against the Titans. Again, Gibbs and D. Achane are on the Bench.
WR- N. Collins against Denver. ***I have A. Thielen and P. Nacua are on the Bench.
WR- J. Waddle against Washington. Same, A. Thielen and P. Nacua are on the Bench.
TE - T. McBride against Pitt.
FLX- B. Hall against Falcons. J Gibbs, D. Achane and Thielen are on the Bench.
D - The Colts D against the Titans.
K- B Grupe against the Lions.

If you are up against it, you throw caution to the wind and shoot for the stars in Gibbs and Achane. End of discussion.

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