Playoff lineup help!

Playoff time! PPR league with 0.5 points per completion for QB. Appreciate some help with my lineup!


Tua v. Bill
D Watson v. Ravens
White v. Lions

*Normally this is Tua easy. But he’s struggled in consecutive weeks without his tackles, and the Bills look scary… I can’t trust Watson, too, though… Can I honestly start White? He is playing Detroit, which is really tempting…

WR (need 2):

G. Wilson v. Lions
JuJu v. Texans
McLaurin v. Giants
Olave v. Falcons

RB (need 2):

A. Jones v. Rams
J. Mixon v. Bucs
M. Sanders v. Bears

***Also, who would you flex?

Appreciate your thoughts!

QB White (if you wanna have fun, play white :smiley: )
RB1 A. Jones
RB2 J. Mixon
WR1 Olave
WR2 Wilson
Flex Mc Laurin

Tua shows problems against “good” franchises and the bills are definitly one.
Watson is rusty.
no Juju, cause HOU is really bad against running. So this could be a Pacheco and McKinnon Show. Ball thru the air is not really necessary.
i dont play the Backfield of a running QB, thats why no sanders.

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Got nothing to add to the lineup or the analysis - all spot on.

White’s health status needs to be monitored. If he turns out to be shaky, I’d play Tua over Deshaun, even though I share the concerns. The loss of both tackles leaves Tua with close to no time in the pocket. And while the Bills’s pass rush lost some steam compared to earlier this season, it’s still pretty scary.