Final game : need score high

Well lost last week by 6 points as Tampa def sucked . Now To be in play offs All I need is score lots points and I am In . With my team I am sure I can win it all if I reach the play offs as finally my team is healthy and all other teams don’t have the depth I have . So here is my starting line up . Any inputs be appreciated . Main question is Defence ? Who to start this week :smirk:

Half PPR : starting these players .

QB : Prescott
RBs : Stevenson and Swift
WR : Lamb and JJ Jefferson
TE : Schulz
Flex : G Wilson
Kicker : Myers
Def : ? Steelers or Tampa . Waiver wire options include Bengals, Cards, dolphins

This is my bench : should I replace any one from my bench

Watson, J williams, R white , Pickens, D moore

So please get me this win guys . Help with the perfect line up and best defence to start

I am counting on all of you as always as you guys are the best . I just need score high and hope get into playoffs .

Good luck u all this week


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Pittsburgh is the defense to start this week. The rest of your team looks fine.

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TB @ SF and Pitt vs Balt both go against 2nd QBs and are a coin toss this week.
I would give Pitt a slight edge being at home.

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Steelers out of those options…

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