Thinking about going 0 RB strategy this year

Thinking about going o RB strategy this year…
Im keeping Rhamondre Stevenson(so i will have a good back to start) and were going from 1/2 ppr to full ppr this year and im picking 3rd and can’t decide if CMC falls to me do i take him or go with Chase or Kupp…
We start 2rbs 2wrs 1te and i flex with 6pts per TD and 1 pts per 10 yeads in a 10 team league…
Thanks for the help


Stevenson may be relegated to committee if Cook signs. If you are in a simple redraft, CMC is the choice with Chase a close 2nd.

Full-PPR at #3 I would be thrilled to choose Kupp–the #1 PPR WR for 2023.

There are a LOT of really good RBs falling into the 4th and even 5th rounds this year–Cam Akers, Aaron Jones, Najee Harris, Joe Mixon, James Conner, Alexander Mattison…

I too am worried about the Pats signing someone who would torpedo Stevenson’s value; they keep working out unemployed veterans. I would try to trade him for his current value in a WR (Amon-Ra would be ideal for full PPR!), draft Kupp in the first and another stud PPR WR in the 2nd (or Mahomes if there aren’t any left) and then shoot for something like Najee/Akers/Mattison in the next few.

I’m not worried about anybody signing Cook:

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My rule of thumb in drafting is to take advantage of my opponent’s mistakes. Do you really want to go 0 RB if your opponent’s snap up all the top WR’s, and let Bijan or CMC fall to you? Draft where they aren’t. If they are going with an even mix of top RB’s and WR’s, maybe you go Travis Kelce instead?

I’m watching CBS Fantasy live from Friday. They strongly believe Pats will sign a vet RB, Cook, Fournette, etc.

They also said if the Jets are after Cook, with subs they have, Hall is a potential problem for half the year.

I don’t put any faith in rumor chatter.

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I don’t think you’ll see any moves until after the training camps open.

Jets are open from the HOF. The rest by next week.