Picking 9th need help

Picking 9th in PPR league

I wanted know if going RB RB first two rounds is best way to go . My league mates go RB heavy . So if J Jefferson and Chase available to me on in first round then should i pick them
Also on turn if chase there , I pick him also ?

That means going WR WR and then i be looking for RBS in later rounds

So how would u rank these guys
Cook, mixon, swift , kamara , barkley, fournett

So should i go RB RB it either of JJ and Chase not available . Pick either JJ or Chase in first and a RB in second

Full PPR league

Thanks so much

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Hey Sid, Just did drafts at #10 and #8 and Know where ya are. At 9 you should have Harris or Mixon with Swift as a shaky 3rd choice. Cannot imagine JJ or Chase falling.

Then, at 12 go Lamb and you have a great start.

Sorry, forgot Cook who would be top pick but only in your fantasy… :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

I have no problem with pivoting to WR’s when there’s no elite RB’s left to pick in the 1st round.

As for those RB’s in PPR, I would rank them: Cook, Kamara, Swift, Mixon, Barkley, Fournette. To me, Cook is an easy 1st rounder, Kamara late 1st round, Swift early 2nd round, and the rest 2nd round or later.

Thanks so much for the suggestions !

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Of course, if Henry happens to fall, that changes everything…

If Henry happens to fall, it’s probably because he injured himself again! :laughing: