The Zero-QB Stategy

One thing I have been testing in mock drafts lately is a “Zero-QB strategy”. Basically, I draft all my skill positions except for QB first. Honestly, I still end up with good QB’s after filling all my starters, even in a superflex draft. Some examples of what I have gotten in drafts with this strategy:

QB: Derek Carr and Jameis Winston and Tua
RB: Derrick Henry and Najee Harris
WR: Calvin Ridley and Deandre Hopkins and Jamarr Chase
TE: Darren Waller and Kyle Pitts

Admittedly, these combos have been in several drafts (although the Waller/Pitts combo has come up more than once). Still, it seems worthwhile to wait If you try this, let me know how it works for you.

I can’t say I employ this as a conscious strategy but for years I’ve waited and waited to pick a QB until the very late rounds. In my college-friends-league it’s become a joke about when I will finally take one.

Based on my experience you can definitely snag a serviceable QB if you wait but you have to know your league-mates. In a league where some managers will roster multiple QBs you might need to grab one sooner than you might like.

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So far, in every mock draft I’ve been in, including live mock drafts, the strategy works. I get more than one QB I’m happy to start (even getting 3 in superflex drafts), or even stream.