The Strange Case of Leonard Fournette

It has been since Halloween (6 Weeks) that Leonard Fournette was picked up to the Buffalo Bills and placed on their practice squad. I picked him up that week as stash player hoping to hit on production…however this has not produced much fruit. Does anyone know if he will be playing soon? Should or would you drop Fournette to make room for other waiver wire pick-ups?

Have not heard a whisper and would drop him.

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I stashed him too. But if you made your playoffs, every game now could be your last. There is no sign towards Fournette playing this week. Once he does, we would certainly want to see at least one performance from him on the NFL stage, before we would consider starting him.

So the scenario in which Fournette would help you in the fantasy playoffs becomes extremely unlikely.

I’d drop him.

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