Safe to dump Derrick Henry?

Playoffs in my league are weeks 16 & 17. I will make the playoffs. Do I keep Henry? I’d like to drop someone to grab another defense as I just play fliers each week but the other guys seem to be also.

If you’re already in the playoffs, why not just drop your kicker and leave it empty so you can add a defense. If you drop henry and he comes back in the playoffs you’re gonna hate yourself lol.

Good idea. I’m not in quite yet but it will happen. I’ll just hang on to him.

My WRs are

Now Jeudy is available on waivers. Thinking I should drop Golladay for Jeudy.

It depends on how the Titan’s next 2 games will go.

From a medical POV, his chances to get the all-clear appear roughly to be:
week 16: 33%
week 17: 50%
week 18: 67%
NFL playoffs: 75%

So the Titans will have to evaluate if they want to take the risk of activating him early and secure the playoffs, but risking to not have him available them. Or if they want to give him more rest and make sure they have him mostly healthy again by the time the playoffs will start.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they activated him in week 16. That would be no guarantee of him seeing many snaps though, if any at all.

If the Titans are 2 games ahead of the Colts after week 15, I can’t see them taking any risks. My personal guess is: he won’t be a factor for this fantasy season anymore. Even if he gets activated, I’m not sure I’d recommend starting him.

But would I drop him now if I had him on my roster? Probably not, to be perfectly honest.