WR Quandary: Doubs vs Jeudy, Godwin, Davis?

My WRs: AJ Brown , Mike Williams, Gabe Davis, Jerry Jeudy, Chris Godwin

I like the upside of Romeo Doubs and his targets from Aaron Rodgers. I can see Doubs outscoring Davis, Jeudy, Godwin, maybe Williams. Drop any of those WRs for Doubs? Thanks.

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Jeudy and likely Godwin.


I would definitely add Doubs, and indeed drop either Jeudy or Godwin for him.

Which of them? Throw a coin. Both are competing with several other players for the #2 target spot in their teams. Both QBs throw about the same number of passes per game. Both offenses struggle so far. The only advantage for Jeudy is that he is healthy, while Godwin is not.

No, I wouldn’t drop any of the WRs you have for Doubs.

I am assuming this is redraft, in which case I’d dump Godwin for Doubs. While Denver has problems, Jeudy will still be in the upside conversation every week. On the other hand, Tampa hasn’t looked that good offensively. This might be the year we can officially call Brady done.

You guys do realize that you are recommending dropping the WR15 last year, who still has the GOAT at QB, for a rookie who had one good game, right?

Just wanted to be sure, for the involuntary commitment forms.

Definitely Godwin and likely Jeudy.

Oh we realize it. The thing YOU don’t realize is that PAST performance in FOOTBALL is NOT necessarily going to equate to current and future performance. Question, dumbass…If Tom Brady was 60 years old and his offensive line was filled with fat losers like yourself that didn’t know what the hell they were doing THIS year, would you still hang on to Godwin because Brady is the GOAT???

God, you are insufferable.

But it is, however, the best indicator that we have, especially when the player’s situation hasn’t changed.

Ummmmmm, hey douchebag. The players situation has MOST definitely changed! He is injured. His quarterback is, how should I put this, done. The offensive line is in shambles making the “done” quarterback that much worse.

You are seriously deluded.

This much is true, but it axually HELPS Godwin, whose Average Depth of Target as the WR15 in 2021 was the lowest of any major Buccaneers receiver–only 7.6 yards, compared to the 13.6 and 12.0 yards of his running mates, Mike Evans and Antonio Brown. Even Gronk had an aDOT of 10.9 yards. Brady needing to get rid of the ball sooner this year will probly hurt Evans, but help Godwin–and then of course there are no Brown or Gronk this year, and it doesn’t look like Russell Gage or Julio Jones are going to be significant threats either.