Dynasty - QB stashes for 2022

It’s the time of the season when dynasty managers should start thinking about which players they want to carry over into the 2022 season. That may include players on the waiver wire that will likely not be relevant this year anymore.

Still, it’s wise to plan ahead. Acting now can save you valuable draft picks and FAAB $$$ for next season. Especially if you are out of playoff contention already, there is no need to keep handcuffs rostered any longer. Better use those roster (and keeper) spots for players that may have a shot at playing an increased role in 2022.

This is especially true for 2QB / SFLEX leagues, where QBs are a rare commodity. Here are a few players I would not hesitate to stash now for the 2022 season.

Josh Rosen (ATL)

Matt Ryan’s arm is fading. At the beginning of the season, he briefly looked like he could stop the decline that’s visible for years now. But while it would be unfair to put the Falcons’ struggles all on Matty Ice, even his biggest believers can hardly deny that he is not looking his old former self anymore.

The Falcons have a ton of problems and holes in their roster. They need a new lead back, they need to bolster their receiving corps. their o-line looks weak, they have no pass rush, and their defense ranks in the bottom third of the league as well.

Will they spend a high draft pick on a potential replacement for Ryan? Or will they roll with Josh Rosen, whom they seem to like in Atlanta? Rosen is all but guaranteed to take over the starting QB job, let alone in 2022. But I’m happy to take my chances, roster him now and carry him over to the next season. If things don’t work out, I can still cut him and make room for a 2022 rookie on my roster.

Dwayne Haskins (PIT)

Another QB dart throw. At least, we can be pretty sure that the Steelers won’t drag out the remains of Big Ben for another year. As we can be sure that Mason Rudolph is not the answer to the question who will take over in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers don’t have nearly as many roster issues as the Falcons have. So maybe they will use an early pick on a top QB prospect in the 2022 draft.

Even if they do, Dwayne Haskins may still get a chance to compete for the starting job. He wasn’t fired in Washington because he was all terrible at playing QB. He was fired because he went to a strip club and was photographed there without a mask during the first wave of the Covid pandemic.

While that is most certainly not the kind of behavior you want to see from the guy who is supposed to carry your offense, it’s not a completely unforgivable offense in my book, either. Maybe Haskins learned his lesson. Maybe the Steelers will give him a try, at least as an intermediate solution. Maybe he will start next year.

A lot of maybes, that’s true. But it’s not like he will cost me anything right now. Like with Rosen, I’m happy to stash him and take my chances.

Gardner Minshew (PHI)

Many fantasy owners still love Jalen Hurts. But it has become painfully obvious even to his biggest supporters that he does not look like an NFL caliber QB.

And now his ankle hurts. There is a risk he will not be available on Sunday. The Eagles are playing the desolate Jets. Unless you are stacked at QB, Minshew should be on your waiver radar this week already.

I never cut him after picking him up 2 years ago, right after watching him take over from the injured Nick Foles in the Jags game vs. Kansas City, only to play as if he’d never done anything else.

And no matter what happens this season, I will carry him over to 2022. He has a realistic chance of taking over in Philly. Or, if not, signing with one of the many QB needy teams in the NFL. I’m just not ready to believe that the moustache story is over yet.

Kellen Mond (MIN)

Now this is a wide shot. I don’t think the Vikings will part ways with Cousins this offseason. Still, among the 2021 rookie QBs that currently do not hold a starter position and are not named Trey Lance, Mond certainly is one of the more intriguing options. However, if he’s available on your waiver wire now, there’s a good chance that won’t change throughout 2022.

Kyle Trask (TB)

Same for Trask. Brady intends to play until he’s 50, and we cannot rule out he will. However, he started throwing a heavy dose of INTs recently. Bruce Arians hates turnovers, and subsequently reduced Brady’s passing volume, leaning to a more run-heavy game.

Will the GOAT eventually end up in Bruce Arians’ doghouse? It’s hard to imagine the defending champions will turn into that kind of zoo. Adding Trask is not a priority right now, but the situation is worth monitoring.

Jameis Winston (NO)

If the Winston owner in your league was careless enough to drop him after his injury, you should absolutely scoop him up and stash him for 2022. No matter if he stays with the Saints or signs elsewhere, Winston will be a starter in 2022. Chances are you will not be the first owner to realize that, though. I’d be surprised if he was available in any 2QB leagues.

The same goes for Jordan Love (GB). Yes, he did look terrible against KC. But do you really want to miss on the chance to get the next starting QB of the Green Bay Packers on your fantasy team? I can’t imagine any 2QB league manager would, so Love’s probably not available anymore on your waiver wire. If he is, you should add him immediately.

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Haskins was dropped for a little more than just that one incident, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The problem for Haskins has always been his obsession with social media, and his lack of obsession with playing the QB position. Even this season, he’s had a hard time getting off the bench in Pittsburgh because he simply isn’t ready, and probably will never be. Call him Jamarcus Russell 2.0.

And Winston will be a top quality starter regardless of where he goes. Even with the crap receivers he had in New Orleans this year, he still put together solid, multi-TD games. Put him on a team with good receivers (Pittsburgh, anyone?) and the sky’s the limit for him, easily 5000 yards and 30 td’s. I’ve been sitting on him since he got injured, and I will run with him until he is too old to play.

As for the rest of your QB’s, I have no real argument with them. I would add Davis Mills to the list. He showed some serious flashes of excellence earlier this year, although he is still a very raw talent.

I would also add Cooper Rush to the list. He showed he can play pretty well when he’s surrounded with a good offense. That will be tempting. Worst case, he’s a perfect handcuff for Dak Prescott.

Finally, add Marcus Mariota. He is only under contract with Vegas for this year, and he could test the free agent waters. He’s a good runner, and doesn’t make too many mistakes.

That is correct. I still think he’s a better QB than Mason Rudolph.

It will be interesting to see if the Steelers will give him a start once they are out of playoff contention. That Rudolph would be the backup this season did not come as a surprise. The Steelers signed Haskins as a long-term prospect, not a short-term solution.

But I cannot believe that they really want to go into the next season with Rudolph as their starter, or with an unproven rookie. Haskins needed time to develop, both on and off the field. The Steelers gave him that time. To what conclusion they will come remains to be seen.

Don’t get me wrong, he is a risky add. But he’s a free add now. If Big Ben announces his retirement and the Steelers sign Haskins for next year, he won’t be free anymore.

I thought about Mills, but I struggle to see a long-term plan for him. Best case for him, they will re-sign Tyrod for another year and give Mills more time to develop. But my gut feeling says they will sign a top rookie QB next year, which will be game over for Mills’ career.

I see even less of a story for Rush. I don’t see any scenario other than a Dak injury in which he would become relevant. Unless you have Dak, I don’t see a reason to roster Rush.

Absolutely! I indeed forgot about him. He is rostered in my leagues, but if he’s available, I would absolutely recommend rostering him for next year. Same for Mitch Trubisky. I don’t really like him as a QB, but there are so many QB needy teams that I wouldn’t be surprised if he found an interesting landing spot next year.

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Neither of them is good enough to be a starter.

Even under those circumstances, Haskins is still unproven.

You’re probably right, and it could be years before we see Mills true potential reveal itself.

If Rush gets traded in the offseason, I could see the Cowboys sacrificing him for a nice draft pick or two.

Trubisky is one of those QB’s you look at and wonder if he wasn’t ruined by the Bears’ coaching staff. Then again, he could just be another Sam Darnold.

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