The 1.01 in 2022 rookie draft

I know there are a ton of variables depending on individual league set up but am curious. . If you had the 1.01 in the 2022 rookie draft, what would you expect back in a trade?

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Depends on a ton of factors, indeed.

Ahead of the NFL draft, we can’t safely put a set of names to the 1.01 yet. Talent is important, but so is the landing spot. Also, a big question is: are we talking 1QB or SFLEX league here? Because that determines whether or not a QB is in the conversation for the 1.01 pick.

The most important rule in dynasty to me is: don’t try to win every trade. Look for trades that make sense for both sides.

If you want to trade the 1.01 away, look for a team that could spare a strong RB or WR, but could use the 1.01 to draft a new QB.

If you want to trade for the 1.01, look at the other team’s roster and see if there is a hole one of your players could fill. Then check if the other owner likes your player better than an unproven rookie.

I could throw out a list of names here, but depending on roster scenarios, the 1.01 could be too much or too little for each one of them.

Generally, top tier players are too valuable to be traded for just one pick, even if it is the 1.01. You won’t get a player like Jonathan Taylor, Josh Allen or Justin Jefferson with the 1.01, so you would not trade any of them away for the pick.

For ageing players that may have only 1-2 seasons left, the 1.01 may be too much, even if the player still performs on an elite level. Examples here are Aaron Rodgers, Ezekiel Elliott or DeAndre Hopkins. Unless you are in win-now mode, you will probably be better off with a young top talent.

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Appreciate the response. So I play in a 12 team 1qb, IDP league. We.start 10, have 10 on our benches plus a 4 man taxi squad. Players can only be on your taxi squad with two or less NFL seasons. I have the 1.10 in 2022 rookie draft.

Current team:
D. Watson

J. Taylor
D. Montgomery
J. Jacobs
D. Williams (KC)
M. Mack (picked up at end of season with hopes he lands somewhere nice this off season)

AJ Brown
DJ Moore
M. Pittman
Elijah Moore
Amon Ra St. Brown
Van Jefferson
R. Bateman
Curtis Samuel

D. Goedert
Cole Kmet

R. Quinn
Z. Cunningham

Taxi Squad
Keshawn Vaughn
Eno Benjamin
Kalil Herbert
Jaret Patterson

The team with the 1.01 is super light at RB. He has K. Hunt, D. Singletary, and a few ransoms like Boston Scott and Brandon Holden.

Is Josh Jacobs and my 1.10 for the 1.01 year enough or do you think I need to add more?

Jacobs is a rock solid RB2+ who is generally undervalued in my humble opinion. Many people thought of him as an RB1 when he came into the league, and he didn’t live up to that expectation. But a high-end RB2 with a very safe floor is something I definitely want on my team. Plus, he is still very young, as he was only 20 when he came into the league.

I would say the deal is fair. Is there a chance to draft a better RB with the 1.01? Absolutely. But Jacobs is a proven asset, who should be able to retain his role for another 2-3 years.

Of course, we will only know for sure after the draft, when we know the landing spots for the 2-3 best rookie RBs of this class.

What position are you targeting with the 1.01?

Appreciate the assessment. I had/have many of the same thoughts on Jacobs value over the next few seasons. I would target RB with the 1.01. The team with the pick is a mess at every position other than WR. I would love to peace something like the following together but dont know if I could sell it:

I give:
D. Watson (Figure I can ride Stafford for another season or two)
D. Williams
Jaret Patterson

I get:

His QB’s are Big Ben, Daniel Jones, and Wentz… Watson

Perfect description for my team in my turnaround league. :sweat_smile:

For the other team, the Jacobs trade would also make sense, then. They get a startable RB and still retain a 1st round they can use on fixing other roster holes.

You would probably get an upgrade on RB.

The Watson deal also isn’t bad. More speculative, of course, as nobody knows if, when and where Watson will return to the NFL, and if he will still be his old former self then.

From your POV, I would probably prefer the Watson trade. From the other teams POV. the Jacobs trade. Both trades are fair in my eyes.