TE Help - NonPPR / Distance Scoring

TE Help - NonPPR / Distance Scoring

I need to pick up and start one of these:

  1. Hurst vs KC
  2. Moreau vs LAC
  3. T Hill at TB


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Taysom Hill may look intriguing at first, as he’s essentially an RB you can start in your TE slot. But his ground production is random at best, and non-existent through the air. His yardage in recent weeks: 20 - 60 - 1 - 6 - 72 - 12. And only 1 TD in those 6 weeks. Not the kind of player I’d like to start.

Hurst - compare his yardage to Hill’s above: 57 - 28 - 35 - 42 - 48 - 21. No TD either, but at least, he comes with a floor.

Moreau’s yardage is lower, but at least he scores a TD every now and then. Provided they give you points in your league, Moreau’s upside may be a tad higher, but he’s TD dependent.

Most any TE can get you 4-6 pts in any given week, and there’s always a significant chance they get 2-3 less than that (unless their name is Kelce or Andrews). So there’s really no need to fear Taysom Hill putting up 5 pts or so (+/- 2 pts or so); you make the Hill play because there’s an abnormally large chance that he drops a 20 burger or something. Very little risk, very high reward.

Moreau is the default starting TE for the Raiders, and he is actually ok. I start him in a few leagues and he gives me points, albeit nothing in the Kelce territory. He won’t win weeks for me, but he doesn’t give me goose eggs at TE either.