Starting TE week 8

Mark Andrews is out so…
Hunter Henry vs Chargers?? Or Uzomah vs Jets?? PPR; their stats are pretty close this year, but Henry has more targets and a “worse” week 8 matchup

Uzomah is a prototypical TD-or-bust TE. Don’t be fooled by his huge week 7 performance. He gets less than 3 targets per game.

If you started him all season, he hurt you in 4 weeks, did okay in 1, and helped you win in 2. Yes, they do target him in the end zone, which makes him an intriguing fantasy option in the same fashion Robert Tonyan was last year.

But if you want more reliable fantasy production, add Dan Arnold. I bet he’s on your waiver wire. The Jags target the TE a lot. It was O’Shaughnessy before he went down with an injury, then they traded for Arnold and immediately started using him. Now they come off their bye week, and I wouldn’t be susprised if Arnold saw 6-10 targets.

Another option: Pat Freiermuth. Dude’s been trending up all season, and now Ebron is out with an injury. Muuuuth could have a big game and is an interesting option for the rest of the season.

Henry certainly is a rock solid option. His target share is good enough for him to not completely fall off a cliff if he doesn’t get a TD. And he did get one in 4 straight games now.

And I won’t blame you if you try your luck with Uzomah. His ceiling is up there in Pitts-Kelce-Land. Just keep in mind his floor is pretty much zero.