T. Hill/Montgomery for

Should I take this?


T. Hill/Montgomery


His D. Adams/Hunt/JuJu

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I like that deal. Hill and Adams are mere points apart most weeks.

If it’s a Full PPR league Montgomery is a monster in points. As bad as chicago is they run heavy

I would hold to see if Montgomery is still the feature RB. If so, I pass on a deal.

I would take that deal in a heart beat. Montgomery is going to get hurt again and the bears can’t deny the fact that Herbert is really good, he’s going to get more touches and that backfield could turn into a true timeshare.
Hunt will get his points either on the ground or through the air. Juju is a decent fill in for a bye week and he’s got upside as the season progresses
Adams and hill are a wash, especially now with Tua’s situation