Trade advice. D.Adams for T.Hill & j.k dobins

I received a offer for D.adams for T.hill & j.k dobbins. Im not sure if I should take it. I feel like its a close trade.

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I strongly favor the Hill side here. Hill and Adams are in the same tier, with a slight edge for Hill.

Dobbins is not my favorite RB, and I doubt he’ll be more than a FLEX option this year. But as a free add-on in a sideways trade between Adams and Hill, I’ll be more than happy to add him to my bench.

It is a fair offer and Adams was a big part of my winning 2 fantasy titles.

However, I see Hill in a better position for volume and consistency in Miami.
I am not a big Dobbins fan as well but have him in one of my league as he is a volume RB on a run team. There are not many out there and when byes and injuries hit he will be a welcome player to have.

Even as a Raider fan, I have to echo the other opinions here: Take Hill and Dobbins.

It really depends on your RBs as I see Adams significantly higher than Hill (despite an off couple of weeks). If you have 2 solid RBs and a good flex then I would keep Adams. You also have to consider who you are dropping. 2 for 1 trades usually favor the person getting the 1 player as they have an extra bench spot.