Trade for D. Adams

One of our managers in a 10 team ppr redraft league was in a total rebuild mode and offered D. Adams up for trade. Initially I wasn’t interested, but the manager with a stacked team, while also being undefeated was the only one offering him a trade. His offer was James Carter olave and Herbert. If this went through no contest he’d have tua, kupp, Adams, ekeler, d. Henry, laporta with c. Kirk and thielen to flex while also having the cowboys defense.

So, I decided to counter offer with, Montgomery, d. Smith and tank dell(Adams manager realllly wanted him). My offer was the one accepted.

All that said, it leaves me with Richardson, puca, Adams, st. Brown, g. Wilson, Mark Andrews, javonte williams(with his backup of he is still hurt),Zack Moss if jt doesn’t play, and I’ve got ravens Keaton Mitchell on IR in case the rumors that the ravens love the guy are true. When the trade processes I’ll also be snagging Zack charbonet and Elijah mitchell as handcuffs.

So, all that out of the way, does my team get better, stay the same, get worse with potential to get better?

You basically gutted yourself at RB; better hope Jonathan Taylor gets traded and one of the Broncos RBs can put up reliable numbers (though coming back from an ACL usually takes two years).

Plus you have Puka taking a back step at the same time…

Looks like the other owner got people to bid against each other and landed himself a steal, but I think you will see your chances decline going forward.