Offered Zeke for D. Montgomery

I am in a standard salary cap league, with flex (WR, TE, RB). I have Kamara, Chubb, and also have Sermon on my bench. I currently have Montgomery starting in my flex. I also have Deebo, Mike Williams, and Shepard on bench, with Thielen, Diggs as WR1 & WR2. Is this a good trade for me to make moving forward with Justin Fields taking over as QB for the Bears…

I don’t expect Montgomery’s usage to change much with Fields. Dalton was never a dominating QB presence. So this is really about Zeke vs. Montgomery as RB’s. I have to lean towards Zeke on this one, but you won’t be hurting with Montgomery either. It comes down to your own comfort factor with both of them.

If anything, the Bears may have to rely on Montgomery a bit more regardless of game script, whereas the Cowboys can turn away from the running game with Dak there. But this is speculation on my part.

I feel like I should stick with Montgomery, especially with the way they have been splitting the workload over there in Dallas between Pollard and Zeke. I do think that the Cowboys will use Zeke more down the stretch of the season if they feel like they have a shot at the Playoffs and Super Bowl.

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Stick with your gut on this one. Montgomery should be fine.

The elite Ezekiel Elliott for some scrub on the Bears?

Why are you wasting time asking? That’s an AMAZING deal! Take it now!

Zeke has had 9 td’s in 17 games since the start of last season, and only broke 100 yards rushing once. Montgomery has had 11 td’s and broken 100 rushing yards 4 times. Montgomery has already had a 100 yard rushing game once this season, whereas Zeke only has 104 rushing yards after 2 games.

Remind me again who the “scrub” is?


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That would be Montgomery. You know, the guy who had 472 yards rushing through Thanksgiving last year and broke 100 yards zero times?

And don’t even pretend that last year was a “normal” year for Zeke and the Cowboys.

Always glad to be of service to our more forgetful members.

And don’t forget Zeke hasn’t been the same back since Dak got hurt last year, including his games this year when Dak was healthy.

Glad to be of service to our more forgetful elves…

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He has been the same back; game script dictated suppressed usage in Week 1 against the best D-line in the league (and they were tearing up the field through the air anyway).

He had 100 yards from scrimmage and a TD in week 2.

Yay for him. He still only has 104 rushing yards after 2 games. That’s not “elite”.

Give him a minute. He had one elite game and one clunker against the best D-line in the NFL.

Reports of his demise are largely premature.

I haven’t called Zeke done yet, just no longer elite.

So… done being elite. Nobody thought you were saying he retired.