D. Montgomery for J. Jefferson?

I have been offered David Montgomery for my Justin Jefferson.

I am in a 12 team keeper league with 0.5 ppr scoring.

My current RBs and WRs on roster are:
RB: J.Jacobs, T. Sermon, AJ Dillon , L. Bell (Drafted G.Edwards and 2 days later was IR), K. Gainwell and R. Penny
WR: J.Jefferson, A.Robinson, C. Sutton, L. Shenault, J. Meyers

I definately need the RB help, and think Montgomery is an ok solid RB1/RB2 but am a little worried may start losing some touches due to Fields emergence.

Comments are appreciated, thanks.

Yeah, losing Jefferson is going to hurt, but you probly need Montgomery more. Hopefully you’ll find some additional WR depth on the wire.

I assume you can trade draft picks too? I’d want a 1rst round pick also. Jefferson is worth that much more than Montgomery.

If it was a straight player trade, you’d have to get up to Alvin Kamara for Jefferson.