T Dell/N Collins/Thielen Full PPR

I need to pick one of these off waivers…not just for this week but also ROS?
How would you rank them for full ppr?

Tank Dell
Nico Collins
Adam Thielen

ROS I have Nico, Dell and Thielen.

I think Nico, Dell, Theilen too

I have Dell/Nico/Theilen. Only reason Dell is over Nico is because of chemistry with Stroud.

Thielen has a regular role in his offense, Dell and Collins are still jockeying with each other (as well as Metchie and Woods) and will probably be more inconsistent–Dell especially so.

So Thielen, Collins, Dell is their full PPR rankings.

Ok thanks! Just that Thielen would be great with Dalton as QB…but looks like Young is trending towards playing…maybe limits Thieien’s upside a bit?

Hes and Young will be back by next week. Your question was ROS.

I’m a Thielen homer, but he was slowing down last year with the Vikings. I hope he’s great, but if it were me, Nico or Dell look like the hotter hand, and Stroud should only get better as the season goes.

I’d probably take Nico first as the established vet. Dell looks good too, but as a rookie could have more ups and downs.

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