Nico Collins trade Value

Is Nico a sell high with his next two tough matchups and bye?

If so, what RBs do you feel are worth straight up trades?

Montgomery, Pachecho, Gibbs and Herbert package?

Nico is a top 20 WR. In my view worth more than Mont and Pachecho and can’t imagine anyone trading Gibbs now.

Nobody is going to give you Montgomery or Pacheco after last week, and I don’t know why you would want Gibbs or Herbert over Nico.

Yeah I was just trying to gauge what type of RB is fair value. What I have done because of some RB injuries and it being my weakness is stockpile WRs hoping I have some trade bait down the road.

Curious if you agree, do you see Dell as another Lockett where you’re going to have a few 3/30 weeks with the occasional 5/100/2TD weeks?

I have Nico and Dell and am looking to move one.

Nico is the primary WR.

Yeah I am hesitant to do this but I am dangerously thin at RB. I mean Ford and Swift and that’s it. I thought about moving Dell for Gainwell just to have the safety valve if Swift goes down. Waivers bare and NOBODY trading RBs in my league.

Was offered Gibbs for Nico but I can’t do that.

Just me but I would take Gibbs. NOT advice but opinion.

Just saw he popped up with hamstring issue

So much for that idea.

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If you have Swift, Gainwell is a MUST OWN!

Yeah I am not thrilled but it’s going to take Lockett to get him I think, but with AJ Brown, Pittman, Nico, and Dell, I don’t know if it’s a huge deal to lose Lockett.

EDIT: Used to have DJ Moore too, but bought into the sell low hype. It hurts.

You just said you could get Gainwell for Dell–and you already have Nico, so you wouldn’t really WANT Dell anyway!

And yes, losing Lockett would be a big deal!!

What DO they teach in these schools…?

Yeah I am 1-3 and a little frazzled.