Adam thielen for rb

I currently have Thielen, Diggs, Deboo, and Mike Williams on my roster. I am thinking about trading Thielen for an RB. I have a pending trade of Thielen for Damien Harris. That same guy also has CEH and may trade CEH in place of Harris, Another guy who needs a WR has Henderson and Miles Sanders. What should I do? Need advice on my best move.


This is the trade I was able to come up with and have an offer waiting. I would trade Thielen, Sermon for Henderson, O’Dell Beckham. Should I pull the trigger? It makes sense. I would be getting a much better RB.

You’d be downgrading both of your current players.

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Really, I would be downgrading from Sermon to Henderson? I don’t think that is a downgrade at all. Henderson has 2 top 12 RB Fantasy Finishes this year already. He would have 3 but was out with injury last week. He is a solid RB2 all year as long as he is healthy. Sermon, may or may not be involved the second Mitchell is back from injury, which looks like it will be this week. You also have Jeff Wilson Jr coming off of IR in 4 or 5 weeks. Which will more than likely make San Fran RBBC between Mitchell and Wilson Jr.

That is why I would be trading Thielen, for Henderson, and throwing in Sermon for O’Dell. Which is pretty much a wash. O’Dell has more potential than Sermon. He is WR2 because Laundy is out. Fantasy Pros has the trade rate =2% my favor, and other guys team -2.8%.

If you value the result of a somewhat obscure algorithm over the input of an experienced fantasy player who (and it really pains me to admit it) occasionally does know what he’s talking about, then you’re all set. You made a great trade. +2% in your favor.

I wouldn’t have made it myself, though. And I do like the idea of trading away Thielen.

I prefer the Thielen for Harris deal, because Henderson is banged up already on somewhat limited work, plus he will be competing with Sony Michel for touches going forward, and we have no idea what the breakdown of the RBBC will be in LAR once Michel gets up to speed on the offense.

On the other hand, Harris has a tough floor against good defenses, which we saw last week against the Saints. He’ll have another tough matchup this week against the Bucs, before he gets a juicy matchup against Houston. Harris has shown to be very matchup dependent, but he can get you points against lesser defenses, giving him much better upside. Plus the Pats want to use the running game as much as possible to take pressure off their rookie QB.

Regarding the option of trading for CEH, don’t. He doesn’t get much work near the endzone, since Mahomes and the passing game own that territory. Case in point: His only touchdown this year came from a pass. And since CEH isn’t utilized much in the passing game (Mahomes checkdown? Not happening), that leaves CEH very reliant on long runs for touchdowns, and that’s not a good place to be for an RB.

You’re better off with Harris.

I will have to go see if the trade is still available w/ Harris for Thielen. I have a pretty strong team and this would really put me in a good spot for bye weeks.

I was thinking that Henderson would continue to be the lead back after coming off of injury. But I guess you are right, he may not. They traded for Michel and he is a more than capable back. I really liked him coming out of college. I thought he would have similar production to Chubb,

What if I was able to trade Miles Sanders/O’Dell Beckham for Thielen/Sermon? Would you still recommend the Thielen trade for Harris? If I trade Thielen for an RB, I will have to drop either C. Patterson or Sermon. I already have Kamara, Chubb, and Montgomery for RBs.

Assuming you mean you’re still giving Thielen and Sermon, you’d be downgrading both of your current players.

If you axually mean what you wrote, and you’re trading Sanders and Beckham for Thielen and Sermon, then do it immediately; you’re upgrading both of your current players.

So you are telling me that you would rather have Sermon than Sanders?

I have Kamara, Chubb, Montgomery, Sermon for my RB. I have Diggs, Mike Williams, Deebo, Thielen, and C. Patterson for WR. We run 2 RB, 2 WR, and 1 Flex Position. I am wanting to trade Thielen away and get another decent RB, I feel like I have a good WR and RB core. But I am not a fan of what is going on in San Fran right now with Sermon. So I wanted to try and add him to the trade for a WR back.

The guy I am trading with has Miles Sanders, D. Henderson, O’Dell, Marquise Brown. If I trade him, Thielen and Sermon, I could get 1 RB back and 1 WR back. Stay away from this trade, and try to get Harris for Thielen?

Also, Thielen, Diggs, Mike Williams all have bye weeks in week 7. So my thought process was to sell high with Thielen and see what I could get for him.

You’re telling me you would not?

In his first healthy game as a pro, Sermon scored 11.4 PPR fantasy points, while Sanders has averaged 10.9 over his first three games. So in his first game as a rookie, Sermon is already outperforming the scoring you are likely to see from Sanders all year. And as the lead back for the team that has one of the highest run percentages and highest red zone run percentages in the NFL, you have to think that the ceiling for the third round draft pick (that they traded up to get) is even higher than that, especially now that his primary competition (Mostert) is out for the year.

Is he going to be the RB1 for San Fran moving forward? They have Mitchell coming off of injury, Wilson Jr who they like a lot coming back in week 7 or 8.

If they thought they’d be good with Mostert and Wilson, they probly wouldn’t have drafted 2 RBs with their five draft picks, now would they?

And they took Mitchell in the 6th round, while they traded up in the 3rd round to get Sermon. Who do you think they are more invested in?

With Mostert out of the way, Sermon is their man. He’s just going to have some rookie growing pains along the way, such as the discipline issue that gave Mitchell his shot when Mostert went down in Week 1 in the first place.