Adam Thielen or DeVonta Smith?

I have one WR spot open tonight. I’m an Eagles fan, so I want to start Smith, but is it foolish to start him over Thielen?

I wouldn’t call it foolish (our resident troll will certainly show up shortly and take over that part), but still don’t know if I would recommend it.

Both players compete for the #2 target position inside their teams. Both saw 4 targets in week 1.

But Smith has a QB who still struggles to get the passing game going (no offense, just calling as I see it). Thielen OTOH may not see many more passes, but has a much better chance for valuable red zone targets.

I would start Thielen.

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Theilen is the tried and proven vet security blanket and red zone target.

Shith has not yet played to his talent.

Edge to Theilen.