Superflex Starter Advice

Need to figure out my qb/superflex and rb2 starters options are Wilson/Tannehill at qb. Mitchell, Dillon, Gordon, Javonte Williams. My RB1 is cook. Who should I plug in? If A Jones is out Dillon is automatic in my rb2. But should I start Tannehill?? In a must win game.

Tannehill will be without most of his weapons this week, against a brutal Patriots defense. At least Wilson has a juicy matchup against Washington. Take your chances on Wilson.

Jones will probably play Sunday, so I’d go with Williams this week.

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Would you slot Tannehill in at superflex over Dillon/Mitchell/Gordon then? I’m strongly considering sitting him against the pats d.

Aaron Jones will be a game-time decision, and they play in the late window.
If Jones was out, I’d start Dillon over Tannehill on SFLEX. But we won’t know before you have to make your decision.

Flip a coin, man. Best advice I can give you.

I think at the end of the day I gotta take the superflex upside of Tannehill even if he’s without weapons. The floor seems a lot higher than a possible shared backfield with jones

Really wish I woulda taken some of this advice… went Gordon in my rb2 Tannehill/Wilson qb/superflex….

Dillon/Javonte/Mitchell on the bench

To rub it in more V. Jefferson on the bench Davonte Smith dressed.

Now I need 35 outta Lockett/Wilson to pull off a win