Two of three QBs in Superflex

I have Dak Prescott, Tyler Huntley, and Trey Lance. Assuming the latter two start, who should I play? Full PPR league. 25 yards per point for passing.

We’ve seen Dak and Huntley perform at a high level previously. We haven’t seen Trey Lance do that yet. I wouldn’t gamble my championship on an unproven rookie, even a prospect as strong as Lance, especially when his team didn’t have faith enough to start him earlier in the season.

BSMU I’d go Huntley/ Dak … Good Luck

Thanks, all. Will start Huntley. Agree with edmcgon. But the deciding factor is also that Huntley starts at 1 and Lance at 4:05. If for some reason, Jimmy G starts, I am SOL for superflex.

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