Suggestion for the mock draft system

Some dynasty drafts allow for free agent veterans to be drafted as well as rookies. But when linking to my Yahoo league, there is no option for this. The draft has to be either ALL players or rookies only. There should be an “all available players” option.

But when I look at my league, some of the veteran players released include Sam Darnold, Nelson Agholar, and Mike Davis (WTF?!). I would love to run some mock drafts with these players included.

Unfortunately, I have to draft tonight, so this option can’t help me this year. But maybe add it for next year?

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That would be great, indeed. I also play a dynasty league where we draft rookies and free agents. And things get tricky when you have to decide between Amari Rodgers and Tre’Quan Smith late in the 3rd round.

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