MockDraft Tool - Can it handle multiple picks in the same round for a mock draft?

I blew up my dynasty team last season and have picks 1,2,8 and 12 in round 1 and picks 1,3,8,11 and 12 in round 2.

When I try to set the parameters for a rookie only mock draft, it only lets me select 1 position in each round. Is there a way to customize the mock draft tool to plug in my multiple draft picks in rounds 1 and 2?


I’m not aware of it, but I do have a suggestion. Just draft in each of those positions in separate drafts (using only 2 rounds), then go back and combine them to see what you could end up with. I know it’s not perfect, but it gives you an idea.

Hey, Milo!

If you’re a premium subscriber you can set a custom draft order on your league screen. The mock drafts will work perfectly well with that I just had 5 picks in my rookie draft 1st round, so can speak from experience!