2023 Dynasty rookie Mock Draft

Here’s a good read with a 2 round mock on the best fantasy rookies coming available in next seasons draft. I do not agree with some of the ranks but too early for me to get involved.

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I don’t see most keeper leagues drafting rookies in top rounds as it is doubtful they would be in the top 2 or 3 best players on rosters next year but, I do expect more mid round picks for this draft.

Not sure on how our South Beach hybrid with 8 keepers will react.

I don’t mind ranking next year’s rookies on their position, but doing a full mock before the NFL draft is a bit over the top, as far as I am concerned.

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I guess that will depend heavily on the roster situation of the teams. If a team has a safe starting lineup with their 8 keepers, they will be more likely to take their chances on a rookie, than if they have to fill a roster gap. In that case, I would expect teams to go after established veterans first.

I did not post because of the mock but just to show others who the top rookies are as of now.

Good point on rosters. I’m thinking most will be holding their top players in the first few rounds to avoid the roster openings. I may be dead wrong but do not see the top 10 rookies drafted in our first three rounds.

Agree completely. Half of a player’s value comes in where they get drafted. Isaiah Likely would probably be a starting TE nearly anywhere, except on the Ravens behind Mark Andrews.

It depends on the position.

Take my team, for example. At QB, I have Jalen Hurts and Derek Carr. I will keep Hurts definitely, and probably Carr too. Why would I add a rookie QB, who could take years to develop?

At RB, I’ll be keeping Rhamondre Stevenson and Breece Hall. Considering I already have a playoff team, adding a young RB or even an established veteran (or both) isn’t a bad idea.

At WR, I’ll be keeping Davante Adams and Garrett Wilson. Adding a young stud WR would definitely help long term, but only if the WR was elite or close to it.

At TE, I am torn between keeping Kyle Pitts or not. If the Falcons fix their passing game, I’ll consider it, but if it’s another year with Marcus Mariota, forget it. I’m also considering keeping Isaiah Likely. For the cost of a 15th round pick, that’s cheap. Would I add a TE? Certainly not early in the draft, unless it’s a Pitts-level stud coming out of college.

In summary: not drafting QB unless a mega rookie stud falls to me, probably looking seriously at RB’s and any elite WR’s, and will look at TE’s later in the draft maybe.

As of today, I see six top of the line/elite rookies who could be worth a top pick.
I see five first round keepers staying in Taylor, Chase, McCaffrey, Jefferson, Ekeler.
That leaves five managers using the pick in myself twice, Kevin 2 from Sicarios, Zak and Ed.

I only see three picks possibly being used in the 2nd as well as 3rd rounds with drafting a released player like Kupp, Harris or Cook very possible.

This is just my speculation and will likely change often before the final choices.

IF something close to the above does happen there will be highly ranked rookies available in the 4th and 5th rounds.