Start C. Patterson instead of Aaron Jones?

Given Jones’ injury status, though everyone is indicating he will play this weekend, I am wary of him getting his usual volume of touches.

My alternative is to start Patterson, playing tonight, instead of Jones. My other 2 RBs are Derrick Henry and Kenneth Walker, both very solid. Patterson or Jones is for my flex position.

Which way would you lean? Thanks.

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Welcome aboard!

I would have said Patterson before the game. I hope you did the right thing?

Thanks - yes I did. Had Patterson in the lineup until about 8:11, then after seeing the rain in the stadium decided to put him on the bench. Good thing!

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I hope you have another option for Sunday?

Yes, still have RBs Henry, Walker, and Jones. I will put Jones in flex. If Jones cannot go I have a couple of receiver options (Brandin Cooks or Josh Palmer).

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