Start 3 of these 4 RB's

J. Mixon vs ATL
D. Pierce @ LV
K. Walker @ LAC
A. Jones @ WAS


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Mixon and Walker are must-starts. The decision is whether to sit Pierce or Jones, and that decision is a coin flip for me.

Even as a Raider fan, I’d tell you to play Pierce over Jones.

With all the things that don’t work with the Raiders this season, their run defense is the one thing that does.

On paper, Jones has the much better matchup this week. The Commanders are terrible, and in any other situation, I’d expect the Packers to dominate that game and lean heavy on the run. The only thing that’s putting me off here is that the Packers look awful as well, and this game could turn into a low-scoring affair.

OTOH, the Texans aren’t exactly known for scoring a lot of points themselves.

As I said - coin flip for me.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned watching the Raiders this year, it’s they find ways to lose. Passing or running, take your pick.

Josh McDaniels MUST go!

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