Standard scoring Ridley for Keenan Allen

Here’s the catch. I’m playing the guy who has Ridley this week and, due to injuries, his lineup is trash. So by doing this trade I’m essentially helping him beat me this week and he’s said he wouldn’t accept the offer after this week. Do I shoot myself in the foot and help him beat me or is the return not good enough? (I’m 2-2) and only 4 make the playoffs in the 12 team league.

The Falcons offense looks pretty terrible, the Chargers offense the exact opposite. Both players got a pretty similar stat line so far, with Allen’s being slightly better.

I get the temptation - I predicted a monster season for Ridley myself. But so far, it doesn’t look like it’s happening. I wouldn’t do it.

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Tough call. I’m assuming this is a dynasty league, because tanking in a redraft makes no sense. In that situation, I have to say do it. There are two ways you win here, whereas keeping Allen there is only one way (Allen would simply outperform Ridley the rest of this season).

By getting Ridley, you obviously get a better WR with more upside for years to come. But Ridley could also turn his season around this year, and potentially outperform Allen. If Kyle Pitts suddenly breaks out, defenses will have to respect him, and then Ridley could blow up. And it’s not impossible that Ridley just simply does better.

In addition, Ridley has more yardage value than Allen. Since this is a standard league, that means Ridley has more upside.

Make the trade. Even if you go 2-3, that doesn’t preclude you from making the playoffs. And Ridley’s upside is top 5. Allen will never sniff that upside.

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It’s not a dynasty but is a 3 player keeper. Like you, I have Ridley with more upside for the remainder of the season. The reason I’m hesitant is that because only 4 teams make playoffs the difference between 3-2 and 2-3 is quite large and right now he is forced into starting Cole Beasley because of injuries to his team. I’d like to go 3-2 and make the trade but the upgrade from him (this week) from Beasley to Allen is what my concern is.

The roster breakdown in this league is 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WE, TE, K, DST

If it’s helpful, my current top 4 WRs are Adams, Allen, Higgins, Mooney and my RBs are CEH, Najee, Swift, and Javonte Williams.

You probably won’t be keeping Ridley going into next year. Najee and Javonte and Adams are your obvious keepers at this point, unless you trade for Ridley and he blows up the rest of the season.

On the other hand, Adams situation next year may decline (what if Rodgers leaves and Adams remains with the Packers? Or Adams leaves and goes to a bad offense?). Ridley would be a good insurance policy for you.

Even with Ridley out this week, you could start Mooney in his place. Going against the Raiders with Montgomery out, that will mean the Bears will have to throw more, and Mooney could see more targets. I wouldn’t want Justin Fields in this situation, but his receivers look golden. That’s a one-week solution for you until Ridley comes back.

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I’m leaning toward pulling the trigger on the trade. Your reasoning is sound and I like the idea of having an insurance policy.

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