Calvin Ridley value vs Top 3 rookies

I have the 1.3 pick in a 10 team ppr dynasty league. I was offered Calvin Ridley in a trade for my 1.3 pick. Is losing the chance of drafting either Harris, Chase or Pitts worth getting Ridley? For reference I have following for my top guys on my roster:
RB1 - A. Jones
RB3 - Kareem Hunt
WR1 - T. Hill
WR2 - A. Cooper
WR3 - T. Lockett
TE - G. Kittle

Unless the 1.1 and 1.2 have screaming needs on other positions, Harris and Chase will probably be gone once you’re on the clock.

So you’re looking at giving up Pitts or Etienne for Ridley.

Ridley has a monster season and easily another 2-4 good years ahead of him. I’d probably make that trade, even though you don’t have a need on WR. You can still check what you can get for Lockett and/or Hunt after you made the trade.

The only name you mentioned worth more than Ridley in all probability is Pitts, and there is no guaranty he lasts to the 3rd pick. I just did a dynasty draft where Pitts went first.

While I love Najee, he went second. Trevor Lawrence went third, and this is a superflex league.

So in my league, you’d have had a shot at Chase, but would you want Chase over a sure thing like Ridley? This is really the question. Take the sure thing or gamble on upside. Ridley’s upside is pretty darned good. I’d take the deal.