Bar topic: Diggs or Ridley?

You’re sitting on a bar stool, and the guy next to you asks, “Ok, so who’s better in fantasy football this year: Stefon Diggs or Calvin Ridley?”

Diggs, because Allen > Ryan.
But I wouldn’t start a bar fight if the other guy said Ridley. In CNN speak, that race is “too close to call”.

I’m not sure Allen makes Diggs better. I think it’s the other way around. Allen didn’t have his breakout until Diggs got there.

I think they both benefited from each other. Diggs certainly helped making Allen better, but in Josh’s defense, his 2018 and 2019 receiving corps were very underwhelming.

Meanwhile, Diggs was very unhappy in Minnesota, as he felt he was the best receiver on the team, yet the coaching staff seemed to think otherwise. I guess the 2020 season proved that Diggs’ self-assertion wasn’t entirely wrong.

But we were looking at the 2021 season. And while I think that Allen will maintain his level, or even improve a little further, Ryan may continue his ongoing regression, especially regarding accuracy.

I have no doubts that, in terms of fantasy rankings, Allen will finish the 2021 season higher than Ryan. Which also leads me to believe that Diggs will finish higher than Ridley. Not by a huge margin, though, as part of Allen’s fantasy value stems from his rushing upside.

Tell him he should be drafting Najee Harris in the second round, and then he won’t have to worry about it. Then throw your beer in his face and offer him a Terrible Towel.

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