South Beach League Suggestions

Just an idea for the South Beach League for next year, @SoBe717

How about adding a starting WR position? The reason I suggest this is I was looking at my starters, and I am literally starting 4 RB’s and 1 WR. That just seems wrong to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the flex positions, but I feel like I’m abusing them. This isn’t a deal breaker, just a suggestion.

If anyone else in the league has ideas, feel free to toss them here.

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I was a bit surprised about the starting requirements myself. But if I look at the scores in my half-PPR dynasty, the average PPG scoring for WRs and RBs in the 10-25 range looks pretty identical.

During the draft, I was under the impression that WRs are valued higher in the SoBe league. I also have more RBs than WRs, as I found more value for that position in the mid rounds of the draft.

I’m not against turning 1 FLEX slot into a WR slot, but I don’t think it would make a huge difference. So I’m leaning towards keeping things the way they are.

A second dedicated RB slot would be a different story, as it would increase the value of RBs. But in a keeper/dynasty league, that’s a change you can only make with a full year’s notice, so that managers have enough time to adjust their draft and roster build strategies.

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Actually, I was thinking of adding a new starting WR slot, not replacing any of the flex slots.

This is a first year league with all new players I did not know. I thought it would go through growing pains and it has as I have replaced two managers. I now believe it is stable.

I let managers manage by letting them start up to four RBs or WRs depending on their strength in any given week. It is also a big help vs injury and byes.

I have not seen a league quite like this and cannot wait to see how it turns out. I cannot see changing much before that but all suggestions will be discussed in our league meeting after the season.

FWIW I am against adding another starter but plan on going to a 16 man roster as you suggested adding before.

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That works too. It makes the waiver wire a little less important. You’ll still get the guy who is a surprise waiver wire addition, but it makes it a lot harder to instantly improve via waivers.

True but I would rather reward a Manager who found and kept a player over one taking advantage of injury or bye,

Also, pending the covid effect could lower IR from 3 to 2.

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I’m into it. It’s a complete different strategy from the other leagues I’m accustomed too

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