My Season Ending Look Ahead

I have very much enjoyed playing in our South Beach first year. I thought the league was very competitive with top notch managers. It Sucks that I do not get to move on but So Be It. :slight_smile:

Like many in keepers and dynasty, we now make plans for next season and for most this is a good time to sort out keepers with the season fresh in our minds.

Our league is a hybrid 8 keeper league and here are my keepers in our draft:

1A Draft, very likely first or second pick.

1 B Draft. Very likely the second or third pick.

2 Cee Dee Lamb

3 A J Brown

4 Etienne

4B Swift, added by trade. a 2nd rounder but drops to my first available spot.

5 Herbert

5B Draft

6 Schultz

7 through 10 Draft

11 London

12 Burks

13 through 15 were given up for the extra draft picks listed.

Remaining players who could be options or trade bait:

Mike Williams, Akers, Pacheco, Peoples-Jones, Dolcich. Williams will cost a 5th and Akers a 9th but the others will be last draft pick,

I will be going back to the Yahoo standard 16 player roster next year.

Any thoughts or suggested changes?

I believe London and Burks will be my #3 and #4 WRs next season but RBs need help. My top pick will likely be Robinson or Gibbs or Corum. My second pick could be another RB, Johnston or a released top vet.

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Anyone with a keeper question for next season?

You have to feel really good about London after yesterday. Ridder threw 26 passes, and targeted London on 11 of them. The only thing to worry about is the return of Kyle Pitts next year. I’m thinking seriously about keeping Pitts now.

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My way-too-early projections for next year’s keepers and draft:

1 Draft

2 Davante “Thing” Adams (just needs one hand!)

3 Kyle “Bowl of cherry” Pitts

4 “They call him the” Breece Hall

5 Draft

6 Jalen “Bringing the pain” Hurts

7 “All Hail” Rhamondre Stevenson

8 Draft

9 Draft

10 Jerry “Punchin’” Jeudy

11 Draft

12 Draft

13 Draft

14 Garrett “Don’t call me Zach” Wilson

15 Isaiah “More than” Likely

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I have watched a lot of London over the last few years and the kid is amazing.
He can go deep, catch most every contested catch, go over the middle and is great on screen passes. He just need someone/anyone to throw him the ball.

Pitts will help him and Pitts to be top of the line players. I don’t think Ridder is the answer but better than the nothing he had before.

You and Zak would very likely get the #4 and #5 rookies if you do not hold your top keeper.

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Sounds good to me. I can keep the guys I want and grab a good rookie.

We will know more after going through the August trade, keepers and draft but I believe the up to eight keepers is the right number.

You can hold on to a strong starting team, or the core, and still be able to give up your top pick for a top rookie or vet player released. Then, you still have 4-5 players to pick with a D and K to finish the roster.

If we look at last year’s draft, our managers picked a number of very good players from the 7th round on. This is when I can see the draft opening up without a heavy keeper presence taking most of the picks.

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Considering I got Jalen Hurts in the 6th round, I should be able to get somebody good in the 5th.

I have added Akers to my possible list. He was pretty good with 65 on 12 carries and 35 on 3 catches.

I had hoped he would return to pre injury form and it still coulsd happen but doubtful. We shall see.

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You’ll just draft him and trade him away… :wink:

He is on my roster. Pay attention. :slight_smile:

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Tell that to Josh Jacobs… :laughing:

My Fearless Forecast on who will hold or fold their South Beach top keepers.


Ernest- McCaffrey has increased his value in SF.
Bruisers- J Taylor is a or the top franchise RB.
Village/ Cosmic Trade- Ekeler is a top 3 RB and Cosmic has Mixon as well.
Mack- Jefferson is the #1 fantasy player.
Kevin- Chase is the #2 WR in the game.


South Beach- I have twice and will make two top picks
Sicarios- Hard to imagine Kevin A holding Kupp.
Ed- Very likely to move on from Cook
Zak- Nothing official but have to believe he will drop Harris for a top 5 rookie.

IF I am mistaken on holds, it is likely I will pick them with my second choice.

As for Kupp, Cook and Harris they will fall to the 2nd, 3rd or possibly even the 4th round as the 2nd and 3rd round picks by most are very strong.

I am easily moving on from Cook. He isn’t worth a 1st round pick.

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When do you see him being picked up?

2nd or 3rd round, perhaps. I just don’t see him as a 1st rounder any more.

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Keepers, you say? Here goes nothing:

  1. Najee Harris or draft - still undecided
  2. Derrick Henry → Draft
  3. Josh Allen or draft - still undecided, leaning towards keeping
  4. Draft
  5. Amon-Ra St. Brown - Keeper
  6. Draft
  7. Dallas Goedert - Keeper
  8. Rashod Bateman → Draft
  9. Josh Jacobs - Keeper
  10. Brandon Aiyuk → Draft
  11. Draft
  12. (voided)
  13. George Pickens - Keeper
  14. Justin Fields - Keeper
  15. Rachaad White - Keeper
  16. (15) Jahan Dotson - Keeper (voiding the 12th)
  17. (15) Chig Okonkwo → cut

Najee is still giving me a headache. His 2022 performance certainly does not warrant spending a 1st on him. But the real question is if his 2023 season will, or which better RB I could get with my 1st.

Henry is getting too old to spend a 2nd on him.

Josh Allen is the best fantasy QB these days, and I don’t see a reason why he shouldn’t defend that position in 2023. However, I also have Justin Fields, who could be a top 5 QB next year. And who only costs me a 14th. But I lean towards keeping both of them.

Amon-Ra for a 5th is not locked in yet. The concern is obviously Jameson Williams, who will certainly take a bite off Amon-Ra’s slice of the pie next year. Worst case, he’ll not be a ton better than Aiyuk next year, whom I can keep for a 10th.

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Far be it from me to try and get inside your head where Harris is staying. :slight_smile: However, is it were me I would drop Harris and pick him back up in the 2nd round where you will have a top pick. Headache gone.

I think a Henry trade could bring back a 4 or 5 JMO.

Oh, I have your 4th round pick but maybe we can trade it back.

Why is your #12 voided?