Some of the lesser receivers...who you like?

Studs aside, how does anyone feel about JuJu, Doubbs, Skyy Moore, guys like that.

Any late round guys you can see taking a big jump?

Doubs would be the best of those three, and it’s not particularly close.

For the guys you can get pretty much at any time, John Metchie III stands out as an Alabama-level talent who had to sit out his first season due to cancer. Of course, his performance will be tied to that of rookie QB CJ Stroud, and based on the first preseason game, that’s not very encouraging.

I like Parris Campbell and his 4.31 speed. With Daniel Jones being perennially ranked as one of the top deep passers in the league, they could do some damage together–but I’m afraid the good weeks might be too sporadic for Campbell to be a regular starter.

I have my eye on Terrace Marshall Jr., but he apparently hurt his back today–and again, rookie QB.

You’ll have to look for him a little earlier, but since he’s basically sharing an ADP with Skyy Moore these days, I would prefer Kadarius Toney to Moore–but you run a higher-than-normal injury risk with him.

And Michael Thomas has an ADP only 6 picks higher than JuJu.

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Impossible to give even reasonable advice without knowing if this is one year for a redraft or long term keeper/dynasty.

Yeah I should have added more details, I forget sometimes!

These are redraft leagues.

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That’s better and not gonna play dentist to pull out PPR or ?

Many have forgotten Jameson Williams after his 6 game suspension. He is ranked around your guys who I have no interest in. I had him right next to London in college last year.

Many had him as the top WR prospect. He has the talent to Raise the Roof and is easily my top pick to advise.

I like Hodgins in NY, Eli Moore if he wins the 2nd spot in Cleve and rookie Mingo who will take 4-6 games I think to show with a rookie QB.

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Ppr yea.

Some great names. I like moore this year a friend said he’s a waste of a roster spot we’ll see

Peoples Jones was OK with Watson last year and have to watch how camp plays out.

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