Aaron Rodger & Ja'Marr Chase for Dak Prescott and Josh Jacobs

PPR league. I have been offered Aaron Rodger & Ja’Marr Chase for Dak Prescott and Josh Jacobs.

Current roster:

Hm. A fair offer, and your WR room certainly needs that help. But it will leave you pretty short-handed on RB. If Barkley, Walker or Aaron Jones will miss time, you’ll only have 2 RBs left.

OTOH, without a top WR, your team will probably lack some punch. If D-Hop becomes a reliable asset remains to be seen. Deebo predictably gets usurped by Brandon Aiyuk. And Gabe Davis is great, but his low target volume makes him a volatile starter.

Check his roster if he has a workable RB he might be ready to give up, instead of Rodgers. Josh Allen already had his BYE, so I would consider rolling without a bench QB. Rodgers is the #17 QB in fantasy right now, and in single QB redraft leagues, you usually find QBs of that caliber on waiver wires, just in case you will need one.

If the other owner insists on this offer, take it and try flipping Rodgers + Deebo for a workable RB.

Edit: on a side note, why does everybody and their brother seem to try and trade away Ja’Marr Chase these days? I’ve seen so many threads here and elsewhere, of managers who were offered Ja’Marr Chase. Am I missing something?


His RB’s are Chubb, Montgomery, Drake, and Hunt. I tried to Get Hunt since I think he will be traded and become the RB1 for another team, but he wouldn’t go for it. I also though about rolling without a QB2 and pray that Allen doesn’t get hurt. Our league limits our moves to 12 and I have used 7.

This one is tough! I do agree with @ZakHH . You do need the help with WR. It will help you pack the punch. On the Rb’s the 3 you have will thin you out on RB;s in case someone would get hurt, or a bye.

However… I think WR core would be more important at this point of the game, cause you can always pick up an RB that will help keep you somewhat relevant as long as your other players are doing well.
At least the Rb’s you do have and can start don’t have the same bye’s.
You also have that going for you.

I would maybe even go for getting 1-2 RB’s that are going to have good production in the near future, I would say deep stashes. I know in my league, Edmonds is available, even though he has not received many touches but in your case either go for cuffs or RB’s like Pacheko, James cook or the Rb’s that are sharing the back field whether they are RB2;s or 3;s…

That is if they are available. ( For the Just in case purposes. )
I think the trade would be pretty good especially because Right now you are in need of WR or needing WR’s to make your line up stronger.

If you don’t mind with what you have are you on the winning record side?

I am 5-2 (2nd place) and leading the league in points.

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Zak nailed it. Take the deal.

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Ha ha, I traded Aaron Jones away back on week 3, for Ja’Marr Chase. I assumed he would have a few bad weeks but only early on due to getting back the chemistry in a live atmosphere. I thought getting Chase, was a win for me.

What do you mean, why the question?

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