Sleeper vs Yahoo

Our league will consider this choice for off season trades but, I believe we should do it now. I am for it.

Other opinions?

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Usually one states a proposition before declaring whether they are for it or against it.

I would make the move right after the season. Moving a league over to a new platform in the middle of the season always bears the risk that something will go wrong.

I am still not 100% convinced that Sleeper won’t turn into a money grab soon. They advertise aggressively, which costs a lot of money, so I wonder what their long-term strategy is.

But I’m not a huge fan of Yahoo, either. Especially if they do not allow any offseason activities.

My dark horse suggestion is Fleaflicker. For those who need a flashy & shiny smartphone app, the appeal may be limited, as their app is nothing to write home about. But their web interface is the best. Clean, crisp and gives you all the information you need.

TL;DR: I’m okay with Sleeper.

I can tell you Sleeper’s functionality in the off-season is top notch. Their phone app is a little slow-loading, even on my brand new phone.

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On Fleaflicker, the offseason offers just the same functionality as the regular season. As both my dynasties are hosted there, I had not even expected this could be different on another platform.

You have access to all the settings, waiver wire and trades can be opened or locked in the league settings, and all the player news and stats are available at your fingertips. You can create cheat sheets and do mock drafts, though the latter suffers from the AI drafting rather odd.

I usually log in at least 2-3 times per week, even during the offseason, to check if there are any news around my players.

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Sounds like Fleaflicker might be better than Sleeper?

I meant considering the move now. IF a move happens it will be off season and after all 10 managers renew or not.

I have heard good and bad on all sites as expected. I have also been informed that there is a fair chance of Yahoo adding off season trades. It would not be the entire off season but starting in around July which would be fine with me.

It depends on your preferences. Sleeper has arguably a more modern look, and a better smartphone app. The owners in my main dynasty league argue every offseason if we shouldn’t move to Sleeper because of that.

I’ve never really played on Sleeper, to be honest, as none of the 3 leagues I signed up for ever took off. So I can’t really deliver a final verdict here.

Also, I almost always access my fantasy leagues on a PC. Which might be somewhat atypical for a dynasty manager.

What I like about Fleaflicker is that their web interface gives me all the information I need (player news, relevant stats, recent performance, opponent strenght against the position, bye weeks etc.) in one clean, crisp overview.

On all other platforms, I always need to search for something. On ESPN, it’s bye weeks. On Yahoo, it’s positional rankings (they only have overall rankings, and even those are hidden in a subsetting). On Fantrax (horrible, played it the first time this year), it’s basically everything.

The only platform that seems to offer even more options is MyFantasyLeagues (MFL), but you need to customize it all by yourself, which is quite a science.

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No matter, I have at least four managers against a move.

However, this is of interest for our second league.

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I’m thinking Kevin and I will do limited trades by hand to fill the void.

Second league? Do tell?

Next year I plan on having at least one more. I would have done more this year but the surgery left me not sure of what I could do until it was too late.

Even this one was put together in a matter of of few days as that’s all there was.


Going dynasty? It would seem silly to add a keeper league, since you already have one.



Going dynasty? It would seem silly to add a keeper league, since you already have one.

I want to wait and see how this one plays out but, likely will be keeper leagues.
No clue as to what kind of keeper as I have many options.

I am not a big fan of dynasty or redraft. I respect those who are but for me there is not enough action and/or involvement

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I don’t want to argue you here - different managers have different preferences.

But for me, nothing offers more action and involvement than a dynasty league. I played redraft and best ball for years, and found that, once you go dynasty, you never go back.

But YMMV, of course.

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I have to agree with @ZakHH on this one. I find a lot more involvement in dynasty than in redraft. Keeper leagues get more involvement too, but I also see a lot more questions from people about keeper choices, because they really aren’t intuitive.

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