Who Has Played on Sleeper Fantasy?

I need some opinions from those who come here on what they think of Sleeper?

I have never played there and am considering moving a league from Yahoo for the off season trades of players and picks for keepers.

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I’ve never really played there, as the league I was supposed to join there this season never took off.

From my limited experience, their app is good, but their website is a bit clunky.

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The offseason is really where Sleeper shines. I’m in one league there.

For dynasty and keeper leagues, Sleeper is the place to be. For redraft, Yahoo is fine.

Because of player news? Stats?

I still like Fleaflicker for that, as they have a very clean web interface that gives you easy access to all player news and stats and makes it very easy to compare or follow players. Their smartphone app is terrible, though, which is why some owners of my dynasty league pester me to move over to Sleeper.

I’m still hesitant, though. Also as I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduced league or user fees pretty soon. They invest a lot of money in advertising, which wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t plan to cash in on those investments sooner rather than later.

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The key with Sleeper is offseason options for commissioners. For example, Yahoo commissioners are limited by whenever Yahoo decides to open the next season. With Sleeper, it’s seamless.

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Ah, okay. Same on Fleaflicker. I never commished a league outside that platform, so I didn’t know others restricted it.

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Sleeper does appear commish friendly but you have 9 other players to concern yourself with, I am getting the impression that it is not user friendly for average players.

I find it user friendly.

Are you an average player?

I would say probably not.

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