Best Fantasy Platform?

Going with the heavyweights in Yahoo and ESPN or someone else?

Who is your favorite and why? What is the advantage over others?

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Just started in Sleeper, and it’s a good platform. I like it better than Yahoo, which has been my go-to over the last few years. If you’re doing dynasty, Sleeper works much better than Yahoo, allowing for more offseason stuff. If you’re just doing redraft, Yahoo is fine.

I am currently playing on Sleeper, Fantrax and Fleaflicker. Also used to play a redraft league on ESPN, but that died last year.

Sleeper has a good app, but I find the website very underwhelming. And since I mostly play via web browser, that’s quite the downer for me. Also, they had some funny business going on, with one of the admins running charity leagues and then failing to provide any proof that the money they generated was sent to any charity organisations.

Fantrax shows some promise, but may need another year, before they are really good.

Fleaflicker has a horrible app, but I really like their website. Clean, crisp, easy to use. Instead of the app, I also use the website on mobile devices, and that works perfectly fine. Their customer service could be quicker, and I am not under the impression they still invest a lot of work in the site. But if any major bug shows up, they usually fix it within a few hours.

It’s been a few years since I played on Yahoo, as they are not overly friendly to non-US customers. For everything that involves cash, I can only access them through VPNs. Not a fan.

ESPN works well, but is very basic. Don’t hate them, but don’t love them either.

MFL seems to offer every option you can possibly wish for, but definitely isn’t easy to learn. I explored them 2 years ago, when considering to move one of my leagues to a new platform, but quickly gave up.

If you asked me to start a new league now, I’d probably chose Fleaflicker, if only out of familiarity with their settings and options.

My league is run through CBSsports. I never use the app (I simply prefer using my laptop and websites instead of phones and apps). The site itself is smooth, easy to use and easy on the eyes. I absolutely love it. It is definitely not as customizable as MFL, but like someone else here said, MFL has one helluva learning curve. The problem with CBS is it’s cost. We pay $130/year to use their service. I consider that price to be absurd. But, at the time I started my league, it was all I knew. Now that the league has been running for 12+ years, the guys don’t want to move away from it because it’s what they know. Also, the historical features on it are pretty freaking amazing.

My other league is run through I don’t even know where to being with this abomination to the fantasy football world. You would figure it’s the “NFL” and they’ve have their crap together. You’d be wrong. Stay far, far away from that dumpster fire.

Like I mentioned, I tried to get my guys over to MFL, and started messing around with building a league in it, and my brain hurt. It’s “too” customizable, really…

I really haven’t played on anything else.