Im so screwed at TE : need ur help guys

Well Pitts is out and I could not pick any of the TE as my waiver rank was low

Now the options are terrible . Who do I pick of these sucked up options . Was offered a trade : giving up Dillon for Higbee . But that would make my team weak at RB and same time make his RB stronger as he is weak in that and he in my division and just a game behind . So What u guys think . I am sure something / some one will def help me from this shitty list :joy:

H Hurst : dont know if he playing
J Johnson : was second in snaps last weeks and no upside and dicey play . 5 points floor
L Thomas : injured and dont know how effective he be
I smith : no idea as catches scraps 2-3 points every week
H Henry : highest 4 points in 4 games yikes
M Geiski : hmm again low involvement
C Otton : Brate is hurt! Maybe a play , IDK
C Kmet : can he finally show up doubt it
C Parkinson ; no clue
D Bellinger : IDK who is QB today :expressionless:

By way not interested in trade as my running backs are atm

Swift : Hurt
Jamal Williams :

So hardly any depth and bye week flexiblity specially when next week Williams goes on bye . No waiver wire options also
Hope I am making sense by not trading

Please guys what u think and what should I do

I appreciate it


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Pick up Bellinger. The Giants are set to get him involved, especially now that all their WRs are hurt. Plus, Daniel Jones has been cleared. Bellinger should see 6+ targets, and if you are lucky, he even scores his first TD.

Whatever you do, donโ€™t trade good RBโ€™s for TEโ€™s. Better to go with a bad TE than lose a good RB.