Our 2nd Keeper Hybrid Needs Two Managers

League is filled please ignore.

We are now up to 8 teams and need 2 more.

Welcome to Jarrod and Jack as our new managers. Zak is playing German Prima Donna and being fashionably late in confirming his joining but is in. :sunglasses:

I believe we have #9 and one more needed. Then we mus decide if we want to go to 12 teams. I would be fine with that.

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12 is the ideal league size. I actually prefer larger leagues, but 12 is good.

I agree with you Ed. For me 10 or 12, no more no less. It would make this league, along with the new players, entirely different from our first league.

Jeff has joined and is VG. With Herr Primadonna we are at 9. :slight_smile:

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We have added another and have 10 without Zak who has yet to sign in. Going to 12 looks to be easy as the forum has not really started.

Iā€™m thinking we wait up to another month to finalize the league.

Forgot to mention that this is a $20 for the year league for prizes. Yahoo handles the money and takes credit cards.