Need One More Owner To Fill 12 Team League - Each Team Is Redrafted Every Three Weeks During The Season!

Anyone interested in joining a startup, redraft league with a twist (twist is, you draft an entirely new team every 3 weeks).

  • $100
  • 12 team
  • VP | 2 TE
  • Extended playoff format
  • Payments via LeagueSafe

If you are interested, please do NOT reply here. I don’t log onto the Fantasy Pros forum very often. Instead, email me at We have 1 more spot to fill and then we can draft immediately.

Intriguing concept. I’m not sure I want to join, but I would like to know how it turns out. I might join in the future.

Just a thought, but something like this could be good for a keeper league of some kind, say you only keep X number of players? We all love drafts, and something like this could catch on.

They already have this thing called “Daily Fantasy” where you draft a whole new team every week.

This is just slow daily fantasy.

Daily fantasy is just dull. Every 3 weeks sounds interesting.