Seahawks or Chiefs DST ROS?

The Pats are on bye…need to pick defense not only for this week but for ROS as the Pats schedule gets tough after the Jets game…

Seahawks or Chiefs DST ROS??

Had to edit my initial reply, as it included some advice on the Chargers, that turned out to be incorrect due to a bug in my projection table. Discovered it when noticing their BYE week was shown incorrectly in my season overview. Fixed now, sorry for that.

The rest of my original post remains valid, as those teams were not affected. So:

I agree that the Pats ROS schedule looks uninviting. I’m still keeping them for the moment. While they had a fairly easy schedule so far, which contributed to their fantasy success, they could well prove to be matchup-proof.

As for week 10:

The Seahawks have a terrible week 10 matchup, then a bye, and then 3 moderately good and one very good matchup (in week 13). They are unstartable in week 16, though, so not a playoff option.

The Chiefs are a solid all-around option. Not the best matchups in weeks 10 and 11, but one of the better schedules in week 12 and beyond, including the fantasy playoffs.

If you are ready to make another move before the playoffs, consider the New Orleans Saints, who have the 2nd best schedule for the next 3 weeks (including week 10).

Ok…I am not sure if TB is necessarily a bad matchup looking at Brady and the o line. I am currently 4-5 in 4th place in our 10 team league…so currently looking for DSTs till week 15…

Yes, Saints are an intriguing option moving on…

I just hope NE becomes matchup proof…don’t have to carry 2 defenses.

Points TB allowed to opposing DSTs this season:
4 - 5 - 12 - 7 - 0 - 4 - 6 - 4 - 2

4th lowest in the league. That qualifies as a terrible matchup to me. Though, to be fair, they played mostly against below-average DSTs so far.

The Pats had 3 difficult matchups so far:
Week 1: at MIA, 10 points
Week 3: vs BAL: 8 points
Week 6: at CLE: 13 points

That’s based on the scoring in my main dynasty. YMMV, as that league also gives a few points based on opponent socring.

But it still shows that the Pats have a pretty safe floor, even in tougher matchups.

And while their remaining schedule doesn’t look exciting, it’s not super terrible either. Week 12 in MIN is tough, but the rest of the matchups are just slightly below average.

Baltimore is the defense to have going forward; their remaining games are Carolina (2-7), Jacksonville (3-6), Denver (3-5), Pittsburgh (2-6), Cleveland (3-5), Atlanta (4-5), and Pittsburgh (2-6) again (with Cincinnati in the meaningless Week 18)–a combined record of 19-40, with no team even at .500, let alone above .500.

Of course, they won’t help you much THIS week, but hopefully whoever owns them drops them for their bye week.