Defense week 5 query

Which one would you play this week? Also which one/s are a good stash for forthcoming weeks?

Eagles @ Rams

Saints @ Patriots

Patriots vs Saints

Texans @ Falcons

Colts vs Titans

If you find the answer let me know. I can tell you how to find a D that will get you negative points. Or score 25 the week after you drop them. Hahahaa

Saints are my choice and I have added them in one league. They have a weak schedule this year as well.

Someone outbid me and got saints D. I was surprised he dropped Browns DST for that,

Welcome to Bye week 1

Yeah I know…but I have a roster spot and wonder if I should pick them up…schedule moving on looks good

I don’t like their schedule off the bye and the O is a mess. I’m gonna wait a week for the Pitt bye for a second D. Lions are also an option.

The lions are not available…I have Eagles who play the rams…not really confident about that.

colts, pats, texans available on waivers

I would go with Philly and not a tuff choice for me.

I’ve been rolling with the Texans, after drafting the Jets and happy about it. They would be better and have more opportunities if they hadn’t lost their HOF. I would jump all over that match up for the Saints in N.E. though, I just want to keep my Houston D for the next two weeks, then sub in the Bucs during their BYE.

I was wrong on my Philly 2nd choice. I did not see Kupp coming back so strong so quick.