Titans DST query

Hi guys, what do you think of the Titans DST for weeks 3,4 and 5? just wondering if they were a good pick considering Jets in week 4 and Jax in week 5…


Depends on how many defensive TDs they score.

It certainly sounds good.

You cannot safely predict defensive TDs. When streaming defenses, you want to look at how many sacks the opponent allows, and to a lesser extent, how prone to INTs they are. Those are the variables that are somewhat plannable.

In that respect, the Titans look okay in week 3 vs. the Colts, and great in week 4 vs. the Jets. But it’s difficult to predict trends this early in the season. I’d re-check the Jags prior to week 5, so far their o-line did pretty well in protecting Trevor.

That’s why there’s no possible way to answer this question with any level of confidence–because the factor that will have the most weight in determining the outcome is basically completely random.

They are not completely random, unless you play a league where only defensive TDs score points for D/ST.

In most leagues, sacks and INTs do, too. And some teams allow a lot more sacks and INTs than others. Those are the teams you want to target when streaming D/ST (their opponents, obviously).

D/ST is all about the opponent. There are a few weak pass rush teams you’ll want to avoid all season, but 25+ teams are easily streamable on D/ST, as long as they play the right opponent.

Ok…so I am going to be 1-2 going into week 4. Our league does have points for sacks, INT, fumbles as well. There are only a few weak offensive teams so it is kinda difficult to choose.

My options for week 4 are:

Bears - Lions
Titans @ Jets
Bengals - Jax (TNF)
Washington @ Falcons
Dolphins - Ind

Always consider rookie QBs as a bonus, so TEN v Wilson the Lawrence, turnover machines. Go w TEN… Plus they get HOU and then JAX again this year, MIA in the championship game wk 17 if you’re lucky enough to get that far…

“Any team that plays the Jets” seems like a good streaming strategy for the moment.

And while it’s true that you can often consider rookie QBs a bonus, “always” goes a step too far. I wouldn’t recommend starting a D/ST against New England at this point. So far, their o-line did a good job protecting Mac Jones (only 2 sacks per game so far), and he was INT-free in weeks 1 + 2. He did throw 3 of them this week, but I’d wait until he does that again before I’d begin starting their opponent D/ST.

The Texans also have been surprisingly unfriendly to opponent D/STs so far. Even this week, when they had to start rookie Davis Mills.

But in terms of sacks, you can’t beat the Jets at the moment. They allowed 6/4/5 in weeks 1-3, and Wilson throws in a ton of INTs as a bonus.

Anyone thinking of the Titans D week 10 onwards? They have been playing well lately.

week 10:Saints





Will the Titans DST be as good without Henry burning clock for them? That’s my main concern.

You’re forgetting the playoff stretch for them:

Week 15 Steelers
Week 16 49ers
Week 17 Dolphins

Still not bad.

currently I am looking at the regular season…I have Rams and Panthers as well but their schedule is not as good…so need to drop a defense and stick with a combo

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