DST choices till week 14

Rams/Chargers/Cardinals…pick two DST till week 14??

ROS schedule ranking (lower = better)
Chargers = 5
Rams = 12
Cards = 22

However, the Cards ranked #18 in their season schedule so far, yet they are the #1 fantasy D/ST. So they are clearly overperfoming.

As are the Rams (#20 schedule so far, rank #6).

The Chargers have been performing as expected so far. As mentioned above, they have the best ROS schedule. And they have the 2nd best playoff schedule (weeks 15-17).

I’d pick the Cards and the Chargers and start them as follows:
8 = Chargers
9 = Chargers
10 = Cards
11 = Cards
12 = Chargers
13 = Cards
14 = Chargers

Thanks for the advice!!..I was thinking Rams vs texans for week 8 but after that they might not be in play as compared to Chargers and Cards…

I am 2-5 in my league…pretty much must win situation now…

The Rams do have the best week 8 matchup of all 3 teams. And like the Cardinals, they have been overperforming so far. But their schedule looks pretty similar to that of the Cards. Plus, both teams have not so good matchups when the other one is on BYE.

The Chargers are the better complement to the Cards. And if you still have hopes for the playoffs, you absolutely want to have the Chargers in weeks 15-17. Only the Jaguars have a better schedule, but they are underperfoming, so the schedule will not help them.

So basically, the Chargers, along with the Bills, are the best fantasy playoff D/ST.

Rams- weeks 8,10,13
Chargers- all other weeks

Thanks guys…I am dropping the Panthers D that let me down last week and also its offensive struggles affecting the defense…I thought they would be the real deal this season…anyways gotta move on…

Didn’t know the Panthers were in the mix. They have the best average D/ST schedule of all NFL teams in weeks 8-14 (but a BYE in week 13). They are completely useless for the playoffs, though.

And they haven’t been overperforming so far, so you cannot comfortably start them in bad weeks. Unlike the Cards and Rams, who both overperformed.

Ok…the Rams Cards and the Chargers seem like better options than Panthers overall…as they have very good offenses.

D/ST doesn’t necessarily benefit from a good offense. Fantasy D/ST performance is linked a lot more to the opponent’s offense than to that of their own team.

The only advantage of a strong offense is that it increases the chances of the opponent playing from behind, which leads to more sacks and INT opportunities.

But it can also mean that your offense is keeping the opponent’s offense on the sideline for a good part of the game. And if they are on the sideline, so is your D/ST. And they can’t score there.

JJ watt is probably out for season…that makes me nervous about cards

I hear you, it’s certainly not good news for them.