Need a streamer D/ST for Week14

Who do you like better:

Chargers vs NYG (Possible Fromm start but I think Glennon will be ready)


Seattle at Hou (I believe Mills is supposed to start).


It’s difficult to evaluate the Seahawks DST. They have performed poorly so far, but they also had the worst of all schedules, from a DST point of view. The matchup is certainly excellent, best they had all season long.

The Chargers DST has been disappointing. I stashed them at the beginning of the season, thinking I could start them all season long thanks to their easy schedule, but they did not deliver at all. The Giants are not a fantastic opponent for DSTs, though the prospect of Fromm starting (I think he will) is very intriguing.

I’d still lean towards the Seahawks, though not with absolute confidence.

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