ROS Kicker - Drop McPherson For Another Kicker?

McPherson is my Kicker. The following kickers are available – Prater, Gould, Koo, Gano, Elliott, Hopkins, Gonzalez, Bullock

McPherson has 4 tough opponents ROS.

Prater faces the Lions (Most Points to K) in Week 15 and Colts (Fewest Points to K) in Week 16.

Elliott has a fairly easy ROS schedule after the Week 14 BYE.

Hopkins has a middle-of-the road ROS schedule.

Bullock has easy opponents on Weeks 14, 15 and 17 but plays for a bad team. I had Bullock but dropped him when his performance dropped off.

I’m thinking about dropping McPherson for Prater for Week 14 and then dropping Prater for Elliott for the Playoffs. I’m avoiding Bullock despite the easy schedule.

Is this a good strategy?

I’d give Bullock another shot. He had 2 weird games before his bye. However, Jake Elliott is tempting. I can see why you’d like him.

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